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DSC Central Bidding/Purchasing Service

DSC’s Central Bidding/Purchasing Service helps school districts meet their purchasing needs in a cost effective manner by researching vendors, managing specifications, and awarding bids for district supplies and services. The primary focus of central bidding is to enable participating districts, large and small, to secure pricing and advantages of large volume purchasing through aggregated bidding. DSC provides leadership and coordination throughout the bidding process. This service saves districts money and time by developing cooperative bids for various goods and services based upon requests from the participating districts. As a result, cooperative bidding could provide a greater number of competitive bids solicited and received resulting in better prices for higher quality items.

The Data Service Center has partnered with eSchoolMall, a leading provider of online procurement solutions for schools, to automate the purchasing and bidding process. DSC uses easyBid™ and easyPurchase™ to manage the bidding and purchasing process. Both easyBid™ and easyPurchase™ offer practical, user-friendly, web-based tools that enable our clients to participate in cooperative bidding and purchasing, thereby taking advantage of economy of scale.

For more information about participating in DSC’s Central Bidding/Purchasing Service please contact Emily Ryan at (302) 504-7223.

Benefits for participating clients:
  • Provides higher quality products at the best prices
  • Reduces staff time in the bidding and quoting of products
  • Saves clients the cost of legal ads, postage and paper
  • Saves the clients from potential legal risks by complying with state purchasing laws
  • User committees develop specifications and award supply contracts for administrative and educational disciplines
  • New bid specifications developed in cooperation with the end user and to a level that is clearly understood by all parties, especially the prospective bidder
  • DSC maintains an updated database of prospective bidders and historical files
  • DSC maintains correspondence with vendors and district personnel in dealing with problems regarding the satisfactory completion of delivery and quality of service
  • DSC serves as a liaison to the business community for doing business with the districts
All current bid documents, specifications, amendments, etc. can now be found at http://mymarketplace.delaware.gov/ , or by contacting Emily Ryan, eryan@dataservice.org or 302-504-7223.

Any amendments made to the initial postings on this page will appear as a separate item under the initial posting's detail page. It is the viewer's responsibility to download and read any applicable updates and amendments. Neither the Data Service Center nor the School Districts nor any of their employees make any warranty or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the timely delivery of information updates through this service.

Annual Supply Contracts

  • Athletic Supplies
  • Classroom/Art – Art Supplies
  • Classroom/Art – Art & Craft Supplies
  • Classroom/Art – Paper Supplies
  • Classroom/Art – Teaching Supplies
  • Custodial Supplies
  • Family & Consumer Science Supplies
  • General Science Supplies
  • Health
  • Physical Education Supplies
  • Special Science Supplies
  • Teaching Manipulative Supplies
  • Technology Education – Graphic Arts
  • Technology Education – Hardware & Fasteners
  • Technology Education – Materials
  • Technology Education – Special Disciplines
  • Technology Education – Tools

Annual Renewal Contracts

  • Athletic Equipment Reconditioning
  • Automotive/School Bus Parts
  • Behavioral Specialist
  • Carpet
  • Food Service – Prime Vendor Contract
  • Food Service – Produce
  • Food Service – Milk & Juice
  • Speech/Language Therapy
  • Student Pictures
  • Vinyl Floor Installation & Repair
  • Window Shade/Vertical Blinds
  • Yearbook Publications